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5 Years as a Technical Writer

This past month saw me pass a significant milestone since my switch to a career as a technical writer. If you can believe it, and I barely can, it has now been five years since I started work as a technical writer.

I have learned so much in the past five years. Not just on the products that I write documentation for every day, but also the nuances of writing, user experience, Linux, as well as valuable skills like using Git.

I have worked with, and continue to work with, some fantastic people. Now that you could say that I am getting into the 'experienced' classification for a lot of things, I love being able to pass it on and help others in the same way that I have been helped in the past five years.

That's not to say I'm anywhere near becoming an expert. One of the great things about my job is that I'm constantly learning. There's always a new technology, new tools to use, new ways to refine how and what I write.

I will be very happy if the next five years end up being as rewarding as the past five years.

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