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Getting My Beard On

I've always despised shaving. Getting up earlier in the morning than I otherwise would, and trying to get my eyes to focus on my face whilst putting whirring blades up against my cheeks and neck is definitely not my favourite part of the day.

I've had a goatee/Van Dyke since 2003, but I've finally decided to change things up a bit. Beards seem to be all the rage now, and I'm lucky to work at a company where my worth isn't valued by how I look, so there's no better time to grow it out and try the "full hobo" look for a while.

It's only in growing it out that I now fully see how much grey there is there (a lot), but I'm over the itchy phase so it's definitely tolerable. I just have to make sure I don't get too lazy so I don't find myself wandering into neck beard territory.

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