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Geek Parties & Eurovision

Me dressed up with a lightsaberThis entry is a little belated, but still fun to make nonetheless.

Last week was one of my cousins 21st birthday party, and very awesomely, the theme for the party was cocktail dress but with a geek-themed accessory. Some people went full-on costume, but I went for a classy vest-with-lightsaber look. I didn't take on of my top-of-the-line Master Replica lightsabers, but opted for the safer option of one of the plastic ones. Yes, I know it's sad that I have many different lightsabers to choose from :P.

Secretly underneath the vest I was also wearing my Star Wars: Episode I tie that I wore to my semi-formal in 1999. Also for the first time ever I also rocked my Supreme Commander badge that I got with the special edition of the game all those years ago.

On the weekend was also the annual Eurovision song contest, and for some reason Australia and NZ also got a special mention from the Azerbaijani hosts. Eurovision is a guilty pleasure of mine, I always look forward to it every year. In my opinion, the crop of songs this year weren't to the standards of the past few years, but the Swedish entry was the deserved winner.

I must also give credit to the SBS online social media efforts as well. Via their website they had live voting for us Australian viewers, and combined with the stream of Facebook and Twitter comments, it really was a lot of fun sitting on the couch watching the program and being on my phone voting and commenting at the same time. It turned what was an otherwise delayed replay into a funny and live social viewing experience. The mobile design of the site was fantastic too, and it was a seamless and easy experience using it on my Android phone.

I'm currently coding through my way of importing this blog into WordPress. It's a lot of work getting all the entries, comments, categories across. Hopefully i'll be done in a few weeks.

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