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Mass emails & Canon purchases

In the past week I organised for the inaugural Bribie e-newsletter to be sent out using a professional email service. I ended up using MailChimp, which, other than the very amusing images of monkeys delivering mail, is also a fantastic service for this kind of thing as they provide a free service for less than 2000 subscribers and a monthly send limit of 12000 emails.

You can see the online version of the newsletter here, and if you are interested in getting put on the list, you can sign up here.

It was an interesting experience; since the Bribie email list has never been used before and is quite an old one, there were a lot of bounced emails (over 30%). As a result of that MailChimp suspended the account, as a lot of bounces aren't good for them because it makes them look like a spammer.

Also, it was interesting that a couple of people even marked the newsletter as spam! They obviously don't know what spam is (or mistakenly think that the 'report as spam' button in their email interface is a convenient way to unsubscribe from a list). Of course only people that had actually opted-in to receive news from the Bribie project were placed on the list, so I really don't get the spam reports.

Moving on, with the house construction picking up, we've bought a new printer to cover all the increased printing, scanning and copying. The old HP networked inkjet that we've had since we've been married (which was quite expensive back then because networked home-printers were all new at the time) has been struggling of late, and we've also really needed a printer with an ADF (Auto Document Feeder).

We ended up getting the Canon MX885 (for cheap, thank-you Officeworks 5% price-beating guarantee), which great mainly because it has automatic duplex printing as well as duplex scanning via the ADF.

We've been pretty busy with the movies too, seeing Bad Teacher and Bridesmaids among others, none of which were really memorable except for their ordinariness.

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