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Inspections, de Blob 2, Tests

de Blob 2It's been a hectic few weeks. The past two weeks has seen our first set of real-estate inspections for the unit. Part of me is hoping it'll sell quickly, and the other part hopes it won't happen too soon. I can't say i'm looking forward to moving properly to the other house.

Last week also saw me go to hospital for another ERCP. The procedure went ok, but the initial results don't sound too promising; i'll wait until seeing the Doctors properly before getting too much into it. Nevertheless, prayers for me are still very much appreciated.

The past few weeks has also seen me eagerly await and aquire de Blob 2. I ended up getting it on the PS3 (mainly for the HD graphics over the Wii version), and overall it's a very decent game. It's much like the original game, although they have tweaked it slightly to make it better.

Overall the game is so darn cute. I love the story, the style, and especially the awesome cut-scenes between stages. The single-player game is also crazily long. I've easily put in about 20 hours already (although granted I am very much a completist), and I still have a few levels to play through.

I've also started reading my first physical book in a long, long time. I know it's very geeky (even for me), but the book i'm reading is he Making of Star Wars: The Definitive Story Behind the Original Film, which was released a few years back on the 30th anniversary of the movie coming out. It's a really interesting read for any Star Wars geek.

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