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Data Centres & Rain, Rain, More Rain

It's been raining here like crazy over the past few days and weeks. The floods further west and north of the state have been devastating for entire communities. I really encourage everybody to give what they can to the flood relief appeal.

Although all this rain has dampened many peoples summer (quite literally), I for one am loving the lower than usual temperatures it has brought this season. I'm pretty sure you can count the number of 30+ degree days we've had this summer on one hand, and we're almost half way through the season. It's really quite unprecedented in my own memory.

This past week at work has seen us at work move most of our main server infrastructure off-site to a dedicated and fully-managed data centre. It's been an interesting experience, and not without many little and big problems to overcome. However it is good not to have to worry about the air-conditioning/power/flood-prevention at the office in terms of the vital equipment.

I'm still not totally convinced about the WAN acceleration/caching technology we're using that's made this move feasible, but we'll see how it goes over the next few weeks.

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