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Summer Begins & Houses & Gaming

We're now well into December, and thus also Summer. It's probably been the most mild start (temperature-wise) to the season that I can remember; i think they said on the news the other day that it was the first time in over ten years that Brisbane went through the whole of Spring without ever hitting 30 degrees, and that even Hobart of-all-places managed to get higher sometime throughout the season. Here's hoping for a cool summer :D.

As tradition goes we put up the Christmas tree on the 1st of the month. I think this might be the last Christmas this tree will see before (God-willing) we have a proper house next year. A proper house will need a proper tree, not a cheap $29 K-Mart special that sheds a quarter of its plastic foliage every time we take it out of the box :S.

It's been a busy past few weeks. Things have begun in earnest in getting the recently-purchased house up to scratch in expectation for us to move into it in the new year.

I've also spent a fair bit of time customising the new phone to get it how I like it, but still have a decent battery life out of the thing.

I also somehow managed to fit in some time to finish playing the single-player campaign of Call of Duty: Black Ops. It's a very polished experience from Treyarch, and overall a very decent game. However i'd have to agree with much of the Zero Punctuation review of it, in that it suffers from constantly bombarding you with action without any juxtaposition. It doesn't let up on the action or noise for enough time for you to actually enjoy it as much as you could, and the graphics were also a bit disappointing, but that's probably an off-shoot of this game being primarily aimed at the consoles.

The other game I got and finished recently was Sonic Colours. Most of the reviews are true in describing it as the best Sonic game for years, and most parts I thoroughly enjoyed (including not being able to get the theme out of my head!!). However it's still a long way from the close-to-platforming-perfection that was Mario Galaxy 2 earlier this year.

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