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Hospital Again & Transformers:WfC

Transformers: War for CybertronAfter my previous entry, last Sunday week I was admitted to hospital again. This time it was a lot more painful, as the apparent cause of it was acute pancreatitis probably brought on by some of the medication i was taking for the colitis. Not a fun time, although I was given some morphine for the first time in my life. Funnily enough it didn't dull the pain much, but did allow me to sleep it off a bit.

I spent another four nights in the Mater Private and was discharged on Thursday. This stay was made a little easier by borrowing a wireless internet dongle from work to get online, and again the World Cup being on TV made the stay more bearable during the nights when I couldn't sleep well.

As this past Sunday came, I was a little nervous about something else happening to me that might see me make a hat-trick of Sunday hospital admissions, but thankfully that didn't turn out to be the case. I am actually feeling a lot better over the past few days, which to be honest feels quite weird after the past month or so that I have had.

Helping me getting back to some kind of normalcy has been gaming. Whilst I was in hospital Des bought me Transformers: War for Cybertron for the PS3, which also came with a free first-issue comic. It's a pretty impressive game, and great for old-school Transformers fans. The sound and concept design are fantastic. I can't say that i'm too interested in the multiplayer aspect of the game (since it is roughly a shooter on a console :S), but the single player campaign was really fun and enjoyable. If the comic series does pan out, i'll definitely be looking forward to getting it also.

Onto the World Cup: I didn't take as much pleasure this time seeing England crash out of the tournament, this time at the hands of Germany. It's appalling that in this modern world game, that a ball can cross the goal-line by a good couple of feet and none of the officials notice it. Luckily for them, with the way England were playing it probably wouldn't have made a difference in terms of the result, but surely people have to see the necessity for technology for ridiculously simple and important calls like that at highest levels of the game. Sadly I don't see it happening any time soon with idiots like Blatter and Platini in charge of the governing bodies.

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  1. i'm in two minds about a video ref in football. i think it'll be good for contentious calls like that one, but i also think it would slow the game down too much, and if that's going to be the case then they may have to consider shortening the game to 80 minutes. but then it wouldn't be the same game though

  2. I wouldn't want everything to be reviewed by technology, but for me even if it was for just things like checking if the ball crossed the line, or checking a penalty decision, then it would be worth it.


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