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In the past week we've gone and seen another two movies: She's Out of My League and Kick-Ass. I really enjoyed both of them, but the former more than the later.

Somewhat disturbingly, I could actually relate to a lot of the stuff in She's Out of My League (I still reckon i punched above my weight in landing my wife ;)), and generally i loved the humour.

Kick-Ass was also good, I found the anti-stereotypical take on the super-hero thing awesome. I loved the line: "With no power comes no responsibility."

I also somewhat stupidly went and saw the North-London derby game in the city on Thursday morning before work, and of course the first derby game that I actually go and see in public is the first time Spurs beat Arsenal in over 10 years.

With Man Utd winning last night and Chelsea losing, it makes for a very interesting end to the Premier League season coming up. Although mathematically Arsenal still have a chance, the odds of them being able to win it are small indeed.

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