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Drive Failures, Easter 2010, Dragon Training

A big 'Christ Has Risen!' to everybody!

So another Easter has come and gone, this one really felt as though it came and went really quickly. It's really good having the Western Easter coincide with the Orthodox one, the public holidays make it so much easier.

How To Train Your DragonThe past couple of weeks has seen some IT action home. The new Dell laptop we got recently started having problems and wasn't booting. After some of my own professional diagnosis, it turned out the Seagate hard disk in the computer had failed. Not happy at all for a 3-month old laptop, but it is a Seagate drive. I'm a Western Digital fan and never had one of their drives fail on me.

I contacted Dell and they sent me out a new drive, which ironically was a Western Digital drive. I had a little chuckle at that. I managed to get most of the data off the failed drive, but the Windows install wasn't recoverable which meant I had to do a fresh install on the new drive.

Today we went and saw How to Train Your Dragon and absolutely loved it. It's probably the best Dreamworks-animated film i've seen and definitely challenges anything that Pixar have done both visually and generally. The 3D was awesome, and I loved the designs of the dragons, especially the titular one. I'm looking for some maquettes/statues to get, but it doesn't look like there are any at the moment, hopefully they'll announce some soon.

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