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I’m a Bit of a Hungry Hungry Hypocrite

When I'm a bit hypocritical I have no problem disclosing the fact. Despite me putting down in writing on this blog of vowing not to get Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (i won't provide the links to the specific entries ;)), I recently did end up buying the game, and on the Playstation no-less.

Back when it was released, i didn't have a PS3, and now that they have released the Ultimate Sith Edition of the game on the PC, i was considering buying it on that. However considering the reviews of the terrible port that was done for it (which didn't even allow any graphics settings to be changed :S), i decided to import it on the PS3 instead.

After playing through it, it's a decent game. Good but not great. What really annoys me is that despite the awesome visuals, the often-used 'invisible-wall' technique rears it's heard and peeves me off big time. It's the 'ooo this level is so pretty, hmmm i don't know where to go, hmmm, it seems there is a platform/ledge next to that cliff i can jump onto; *jumps and hits invisible wall and falls down the ravine and dies*'. Great visuals, but terrible level design; that happened so much throughout the game.

We're winding up here now that Christmas is almost upon us. I played the last two games of fustal and indoor on the weekend, losing fustal but winning a friendly game of indoor. Also, we ended up seeing Zombieland last week, and it was awesome, it's one of my favourite movies of the year. Which reminds me, i should start working on my 'Best and Worst of 2009' and 'Year in Review' entries. I'm probably seeing Avatar tomorrow, and judging by all the rave reviews, it might make an appearance in those entries.

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