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Trying to Fill the Gaming Void

So far this year has been a very disappointing one gaming-wise, especially on the PC. In looking over my blogs I can't think of a single noteworthy PC gaming title throughout the whole year, and on the consoles there hasn't been much to talk about either.

In order to reverse the trend and get some good gaming under my belt before the end of the year and COD:MW2, i'm getting a few older titles to fill the gap. First up, Michael eventually convinced me to buy Left 4 Dead for a half-price weekend on Steam. I haven't played it previously because I'm not that into zombie games, I'm currently waiting to pick up a decent headset so I can start playing that through properly co-op with other people.

The other game i've bought is for the PS3: Burnout Paradise. I downloaded the demo of this the other night, mainly just to test the PS3 download speeds over the wireless, and ended up absolutely loving it. As it's a fairly old game I got a pretty good deal for it from a store on ebay, so i'm waiting for that to arrive.

Hopefully between those two games, they should tie me over till the end of the year.

We've had a fairly good weekend football wise. We won a tight mixed futsal game on Friday night without Peter, and today we edged a really good indoor game 6-5 at the death.

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