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Mixed Games: L4D, Burnout, Football

Logitech G330There's been quite a bit keeping me occupied recently.

Last week I ended up getting the Logitech G330 gaming headset in order to properly play co-op with Left 4 Dead. it's a bit of a strange experience: i've never played online much with earphones, let alone using a microphone to communicate and strategise in-game.

Over the better part of a week, i played through all of the 'campaign' of L4D with Michael, and various other stragglers who wanted to play at the time. It was a quite enjoyable game, if not a little on the short side. The 'versus' mode of the game doesn't really appeal that much to me, so I'm glad that I didn't pay more than I did for it.

Last week my order of Burnout: Paradise also arrived. I'm having a lot of fun with this game, and I haven't even gotten online with it yet! The graphics are awesome, but there is something just so satisfying in running people off the road in the "Road Rage" events and getting credited with takedowns and awesome slow motion car-crumpling sequences.

In terms of football recently, Friday night we lost only our third game of the season, in what was largely a very frustrating game. Despite me scoring two goals, we ended up losing the game 7-4 as some bad defence on our part, and some good defence on theirs really decided the game.

Sunday's indoor game was a really good one. We basically blasted them off the field in the first half, scoring 6 goals to only 1 reply. The second half we relaxed a lot, and the game ended 8-3 to us.

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  1. hey Lucas,

    i just showed Loukas your web page, can you send him the login and password so that he can view the other photos in the gallery.

    Thanks, love the photos especially the one about the anagram - studying. I had never heard of it before.


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