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Trudging Along & Dry Gaming Season Approaching

Trudging along through life at the moment, it's the veritable roller-coaster.

I'll start off by saying that i'm p'oed at stupid One (TV channel) showing Nascar over the baseball on Saturday mornings now. I'd just gotten used to waking up and seeing a live ball game on Saturday mornings, just for them to now show three hours of cars literally going around in a circle. Maybe it's just me, but I fail to see the spectacle in that. F1 I can get into, but Nascar? And it looks like from next week they're prioritising the NFL over basbeball too. Ah well, it was good while it lasted...

Everything's a bit boring at the moment. Nothing is really happening at all, unless you count renewing contents-insurance as exciting.

It's a really dry patch gaming wise at the moment too. Nothing too huge is coming out at all this year, except for Modern Warfare 2 in November; almost everything else semi-noteworthy has been pushed back to early next year at the earliest. It's going to be a strange and very dry 'gaming season' (usually October-December) this year. Either they're all scared of going up against COD:MW2, or they've seriously screwed their project planning to get the games out on time (probably the latter).

I wonder if this marks the end of the traditional 'gaming season' as we know it?

3 thoughts on “Trudging Along & Dry Gaming Season Approaching”

  1. basbeball? wtf, NFL isn't that bad, and any form of car racing is not a sport at all.

    maybe you should diversify into other genres of games and not just with FPS, because there are really only a few good FPS out there and you didn't name any of them

  2. can't stand American 'football' myself, but i'd rather watch that than Nascar.

    I do play a wide variety different types of games (RTSs, RPGs, puzzle, rhythm, etc), but i don't play everything 'good' that comes out. Certain games appeal to me, others don't.

  3. NFL is ok, i only really watch the superbowl, nascar, now thats hicksville right there.

    the only RPG i've seen you play is Zelda and you used a cheat book so I don't even count that...


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