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Lotsa Football & Obese Royalties

Fat PrincessEntering the month of August usually sees the English Premier League start up again. Whilst we're still a week and a half away from that, I have myself been playing a lot of football.

We've continued playing in the mixed futsal on Friday night (last Friday the females did awesomely well as we won 8-1), and of course I am still playing indoor on Sunday.

Recently on the PS3, the highly anticipated downloadable game Fat Princess has been released. The concept behind this game is great: it's basically an RTS in which two teams have to try to rescue their princess from the other, and each team try to fatten up their captive princess with cake in order to make it more difficult for the other team to carry her back to their castle.

Although it is a good game, the online experience of the game has been quite buggy. There are reports that this is a common issue, and that they're currently working on a patch to fix the issues. Another thing is that in Australia we've been ripped off: people in the US can buy the game for USD$15, but here it's charged at AUD$24. If you take a conservative exchange rate of AUD$1 buying USD$0.80, and add a bit of margin, most were expecting a fairish price of AUD$20. To pay another 20% on top of that (which already included a margin!) is a bit of a rip in my opinion.

Ah well, another tale in the rip-off that is being an Australian gamer.

In other news, although I only got my last one recently last week I bought a new router. I had gotten sick of the buginess and lack of control that the now-previous Netgear one had, so I decided on getting a D-Link DIR-655. Although it isn't as pretty on the eye, it is a lot better featured and generally more professional, and the $50 rebate at the moment didn't hurt it's chances either.

It definitely isn't perfect, and I guess time will tell on how this router will go in the long-term.

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