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Long Weekend, Futsal & Indoor

We've just finished a long weekend here, as Despina had an RDO today (Monday) and i took today off with her. It's good that we've had today off, because we've had a busy and exhausting weekend.

Friday night started with Futsal, as me and Des are playing together once again in a mixed competition, however this time we're playing with other members of my extended family, which makes things even more interesting.

The game on Friday night was an extremely strange one. Nearly every person on the court made at least one comical error each to gift the opposing team a goal. That and some other great goals eventually saw us come back from behind to eventually win the crazy game 12-10, probably one of the highest scoring games i've been a part of.

On Sunday we had a lamb on a spit at the Overlord's for a get-together with some family friends, and that night we started the grading section of the new indoor season, which saw us lose a tight game 2-1. In the second half there wasn't a stoppage for almost 12 minutes (of an 18 minute half!), which meant that no-one could sub either off the court or into goal-keeping during that time. Needless to say that I was one of those that subbed at that point!

Today we spent getting the car serviced as well as going to Ikea to get some extra shelving for the collection. I make a point of never going to Ikea on weekends (I value my personal space as well as my sanity), and generally only do it on days that I have off from work. Today I learnt that Mondays is their usual day for rearranging the displays, as half of them were in some phase of demolition/construction.

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