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Football Finals

Barcelona win champions leagueThe past couple of weeks have seen two big finals in European football. Last week I got up to see Barcelona absolutely and convincingly outplay Manchester United to win the European Champions League.

The manner in which Barca passed and moved throughout the game meant they were pretty much in total control of the game and were thoroughly deserved winners. It was good seeing an attacking and passing-minded team win it over more defensive-oriented teams in the competition (Man Utd don't belong to that group through, i'm thinking of more the Italian teams and to an extent Chelsea too).

Saturday night was the FA Cup final between Everton and Chelsea. I really wanted Everton to win (mainly because I hate Chelsea), and they got off to an amazing start, scoring after only 26 seconds. Chelsea eventually got control of the game and rounded it out 2-1 winners.

I actually fell asleep at the half time break and woke up after the game had finished as they were doing the post-match discussion, which I thought was the half-time one. It was only after a couple minutes of the chatter did I realised they were talking about a Chelsea win that I actually realised that I slept through the entire second half.

So now we enter 'silly season', which is the period between now and the start of the 2009-2010 season. I really hate this time of year as a football fan: it's rife with transfer speculation and rumours, of which only 5% turns out to be true.

On another not, one team that looks like will not be in the finals, is our indoor team. We've had a couple of horrid weeks, and the game on the weekend was a shocker in many respects. It wasn't the 12-1 drubbing that last week's friendly was, but a 4-1 loss on Sunday saw almost everybody on the team perform really woefully (me included). Hopefully we can pick up our act and make a decent push to try for the finals.

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