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Movies: Wolverine & Star Trek

Wolverine posterIt's that time of year, we enter the 'blockbuster' movie season as North America enters it's summer-holiday period.

In the past week I've seen two of the early big movies: Wolverine and Star Trek.

After feeling really betrayed by X-Men 3 a few years ago, I was very apprehensive about X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The movie for me was pretty average: not all that bad, but definitely not too good either.

I know a lot of the females out there will disagree, but I feel like the movie was a little monotonic in focusing on Wolverine/Hugh Jackman for almost the entire movie. The other mutants in the story got what felt like less than 20 minutes of screentime.

The best part of the movie was the opening credits which chronicled Logan and his half-brother passing through history fighting in all the major wars from the US Civil War to Vietnam. After that, the movie just petered along for me. To sum up: definitely one to see, but not to buy on DVD.

Star Trek posterOn Friday night I went to see Star Trek with zero expectations. As most will know, i'm an ardent Star Wars fan, so that automatically makes me despise Star Trek for the most part (although I would secretly admit that I do occasionally follow it to a small extent).

After years of repeating the same crap with tired casts, I liked the idea of starting afresh. I think they got the casting of this new crew almost perfect, most of the actors were excellent in their respective roles (except for the Chekov actor/character which annoyed me).

The plot was good, but to me didn't make much sense with a whole time-travel setting that somehow explained the alternate Star Trek universe, whilst still incorporating some of the aged actors and characters from the original series. It made it a little too 'convenient' for my liking.

The effects and action were great, it's good to see George Lucas getting some Star Trek money through ILM (his special effects company). (as a side-note: anybody who designs spaceships like that (Star Trek federation-style) is an idiot, it really doesn't make too much sense, especially from a warfare perspective).

The season continues with Terminator: Salvation coming up soon, which I am really apprehensive about (mainly because I don't really like Christian Bale), and culminating in Transformers 2 later on, which I am feeling a lot better about after seeing the second main trailer before Star Trek.

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