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Holy Week Begins & Shiny Clean Computer

Today is the first day of the Orthodox Holy Week, which means regular Church services throughout the week culminating in our Easter on Sunday. This year i've taken Good Friday and Bright Monday off from work to make the week a little more manageable. The timing of Aussie Easter this year means that the coming week will be a three day working week for me. 😀

I've also just finished wiping and re-installing everything on Trogdor. It's running great at the moment, without all the useless crap that had built up on it over the past two years. I've purposely left off most of the games, except for the Steam stuff (TF2, HL, etc), UT3 and GTA4 (lots of acronyms there...). I'll basically reinstall the others when i want to play them again.

In other news i'm pretty sure i'm going to be getting a new mobile phone and changing phone companies later this week. It's going to be an experience, as I should be out of contract with my current provider, Soul, but they're telling me i'm still contracted till July, which is totally wrong. It's a long story (mainly to do with an 'early upgrade' near the end of my previous contract two years ago), but when the proverbial excrement hits the fan, you'll know i'll document it here. We've just successfully resolved one TIO dispute with Soul regarding international roaming charges from our European trip last October, so i'm already gearing up for another one. Bring it on.

2 thoughts on “Holy Week Begins & Shiny Clean Computer”

  1. hahahah u see what a good cousin i am lucas? coming all the way out of my niche of fb and commenting on this for u?
    let me noe about mobile phone companies i am looking to find a new one myself optus is giving me nevra
    3 day working week hey? hahah i took the rest of the week off as well...soo slack mehhh
    anywho see u at church

  2. lol, well done Mary for venturing into the scary wild 'internet'!

    I'm not really expecting any other phone company to be that much better than Soul (nearly all the companies use overseas call centres these days), but as long as it's NOT Soul, i'll be half happy.


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