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Getting Ready For the Wipe

It's Aussie Easter this weekend (our Orthodox Easter is next week), so that means a wonderful four-day weekend.

So with this spare time i'm doing a lot of things that I have been putting off recently. The top of my list is that I am going to be reformatting Trogdor and reinstalling Windows Vista.

Over the past two years a lot of crap has accumulated on the computer, so it's definitely time to clean it up. I expect that it's going to take the majority of tomorrow to do (there's a lot of stuff that is going to be needed to be reinstalled) so there goes at least one full day.

Other than that, the only other notable stuff at the moment is the absolute rage I am harbouring for my current mobile phone company, Soul (formerly B Digital). But i'm going to leave that for another entry, after the situation gets resolved. Needless to say, for the moment take my word for it and steer clear of this disgusting excuse for a company.

4 thoughts on “Getting Ready For the Wipe”

  1. Yes, TPG is now a subsidiary of Soul.

    When it was B, they had awesome customer service.

    Now you ring up, and it's a call centre in the Philppines with annoying half-American accents, and their only interest is to get you off the phone as quickly as possible, issue resolved or not (most often not).

    If you don't have anything to contact them about, then they're fine, but if you do, prepare for pain. (i'm talking about the mobile phone division; i'm not sure if tpg internet is/will be the same)

  2. im with them for both internet and phone. i lost my phone and needed it to get my sim blocked till i recieved a new one , i had no problems with them. i must be a lucky person cause i also have been with them for 2 years for my internet and the people i get tend to be well versed with no accnets and they sometimes even call me back if i can be bothered staying on the line.

  3. I don't know if they've shipped the TPG call centre stuff overseas yet, but if it is being actually run by 'Soul', then from my experience it will only will only be a matter of time...

    They're fine with stuff they can read off a script for (SIM and IMEI blocking is pretty standard stuff), but anything beyond that, especially if you have to dispute something with them, it's really the TIO or bust.


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