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Keeping Up With the Smiths and Joneses Geek-Style

Twitter BirdSo I guess that makes them the Gateses and the Jobses?

Anywho, being a geek i've got to keep up with the times, and darn it is tough with all the acronyms, abbreviations and general lolzors etc. Last year it was Facebook, and it seems recently it is now Twitter.

So yes i've joined the bandwagon. My twitter account is at; follow me at your peril. I've also done a slight revamp of the blog: I have added a 'Tweets' section to the right which displays my last three tweets.

Recently i've also gotten a little itchy to do a bit more extra coding on this blog. Probably the next thing i'm going to add to it in the foreseeable future is the ability for commenters to be notified via email of follow-up comments on a particular entry.

It's a pretty standard thing on most blogging platforms, but because my blog is pretty much its own standalone platform, it basically means I'll have to code it myself. It shouldn't be too hard, but I am looking forward to the challenge, as well as some more spare time to be able to actually do it.

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