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Australia Day Long Weekend

We're having a very lazy Australia Day here, you've got to love national public holidays.

On Saturday night I ended going to see the Queensland Roar game, thanks to free tickets acquired through a friend of a friend's sister's boyfriend's room-mate... or something.

We were expecting a tame and dull game without many goals (their last game was a dour 0-0 draw), but the game ended up being really good with the Roar running out 4-2 winners. You can't complain seeing six goals in a football match.

On Sunday we played our indoor game in the sauna-like whether it was. I don't think any of us have sweat like that in a long, long time. We lost the game by about 3 or 4 goals after keeping it level at 1-1 at half time. We could have really used a sub in the match, their fitness and running really proved the difference in the final third of the match.

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