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Christmas Approaches & James Bourned

Nothing much worth of mention has happened recently. Christmas feels like it's storming towards me like a runaway train, and i'm the cow stuck in the headlights... or train-lights... :S.

Anywho, just when I thought that there was plenty of time to go until Christmas, we're already a whole week into December. We got started on the Christmas preparations today by putting up our Christmas tree. I really must get started on everything.

On Friday night we went and saw the Quantum of Solace. Overall i thought it was really average; actually, honestly i thought it was really less than average. I thought of the last Bond film (Casino Royale) that "It was a great movie, but it wasn't a Bond movie", but for this movie my thoughts are that it wasn't a good movie, and especially didn't feel like a Bond movie.

To me it actually felt more like a bad Bourne movie (that's not saying that the Bourne movies were bad, just that this movie felt like a badly-done one). The storyline was whiney and disjointed, and most obviously the action scenes were totally crap.

Now I really must clarify that: although the action scenes themselves were well set-up and scripted, but the camera-work and editing for them was atrocious. All the action scenes were comprised of jerkey camera movements with cuts of no longer than one-and-a-half seconds, put together at a really fast pace. I could barely focus on or follow what was happening, let alone enjoy them. Meh, maybe it was just me.

Again, it was very evident to me that it didn't feel like much like a Bond movie. It seems like in these movies they are not-so-slowly stripping away what makes a Bond movie. Again the traditional music was noticeably absent until the final credits, there was no Q or even any gadgets, and even the traditional start of showing the gun barrel sequence was left to the end of the movie (to me it was like the film-makers were going "oh by the way, in case you forgot, this was a Bond film that you were watching").

Anywho i'm rambling, off to bed.

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