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Euro Trip Day 12: McDonald’s Missions & Side Trip Begins

Part of our 2008 European Trip. See the explanation and summary entry.

Blogging has gotten away from me in the past few days, but anywho. The wedding on Sunday all went fine, although it did end up torturously late. We waited around past 2am for the bride and groom to leave, but as it was apparent they weren't going anywhere anytime soon, we left for home at around 2:30.

Me eating a Big Mac in CyprusThat night also saw me complete the first leg of my international mission. I'm not sure if i've mentioned this before, but i have a mission when going overseas: it is my goal to visit a McDonald's in every country I go to and eat a Big Mac there. I see it as an essential part of the global experience: it's mostly generally the same, but the burger in each separate country does have it's own intricate differences, which is great to savour.

On Sunday night there was a McDonald's down the road from the reception venue, so Des and I escaped for 20 minutes and completed that task (photo right).

The following few days mainly saw us bumming around Cyprus and visiting other relatives.

Our side trip also began yesterday. We got up at around 4am and caught a 7am flight from Lanarca to Thessaloniki in Greece to visit some of Despina's relatives. The flight was just over 2 hours long, and it was quite a noticeable difference flying Cyprus Airways after flying Emirates from Australia to Cyprus.

We spent most of yesterday touring around the city and seeing a few of the sights. It is unseasonably warm here for this type of year, and the culture and especially driving habits are markedly... different... to that in Australia and even Cyprus. Thessaloniki is a very built up city, everything here is unit blocks, and the streets are generally pretty narrow.

Greek flag flying in Thessaloniki

We fly out of Greece tonight for London and the main part of our side-trip.

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