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Well i've just spent the second working day in a week home sick. It seems like it's going around at the moment, but that doesn't make for much of a consolation.

My body has always had a pretty good immune system, and it's usually been the case that I manage to avoid these type of things. So it's quite unusual that in the past year i've eventually succumbed to most of them. In these cases, having a strong immune system sucks, because the situation ends up being that my body tries to fight the virus for about half a week resulting in me feeling 30-50% sick for 3 or 4 days, before finally succumbing and still getting the usual couple of days of being 100% sick.

It'd be good if it only chose the fights it would win!

2 thoughts on “Sick”

  1. Just in case anyone put two and two together and made five - I had nothing to do with Lucas getting sick. Just unfortunate timing.
    And, what's with all these people getting sick in _September_?!


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