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Back Into Things

This weekend was the first 'normal'-ish weekend we've had in a while, and being not well for the past few.

Probably because of that, there hasn't been too much blogworthy material of late. Last night I ended up going into the the Pig'N'Whistle in the City to watch the Arsenal game with a few of the guys from the Arsenal Australia supporter's club. We're going to England later this year, and Arsenal Australia have very awesomely arranged tickets for us to a Premier League match at the Emirates Stadium (which is normally not an easy thing to do!).

It was also funny seeing the aftermath of the Liverpool vs. Manchester United match; there were scousers and mancs everywhere to be seen, with the Liverpoolians the more happy of the two. The Arsenal game was an awesome one to watch, as they very comfortably won 4-0 against Blackburn. It's been a while since i've seen a very comfortable win for Arsenal, and it doesn't come much more comfortable than that.

Today we played indoor, and despite staying in touch for the first half of the game, we ended up losing 7-3 with us not scoring in the second half.

Other than that, nothing much has happened recently.

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