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iPhones & Nothing Too Blogable

Apple iPhoneFriday's news saw the 3G Apple iPhone get released, and thus crazy people queuing in the cold night and wetting themselves to get their hands on one. The Cult of Apple got their fix early that morning. As an aside, a friend who was there in Brisbane said that because Optus opened early to sell these things that they actually bypassed their standard credit history checks because that agency wasn't yet opened. Wait for the headlines of iPhone-induced bankruptcy.

Last night we actually had a quick play with one, as the same Mac-occult-membership-holding friend that queued up and got one shared it around a bit (see the comments in the previous entry for the fun of 3G browsing and commenting). My quick thoughts: it seems like a reasonable enough device (especially for the price), but it really isn't for me.

It's too big for my liking, and I really prefer to have a keypad rather than dialling numbers on a touch-screen. The touch-screen seems pretty responsive and accurate, although it does take some getting used to. I still don't know why they go for a high-gloss finish for a device that you need to hold in your hands: the fingerprints really do show quite easily. And why the heck they don't let you change batteries yourself is quite bemusing.

Other than that, even though it's not for me I can really see why there is going to be a lot of demand for it. If it only makes Nokia et al produce better and cheaper phones then all the better.

In the past week there really hasn't been that much blogworthy stuff happening. We saw Hancock at the movies on Friday night; it was a decent movie. Today we played a non-competition indoor game because a team pulled out of our competition. The points awarded by default should see us make the finals, which is a really big achievement considering how we started the season.

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