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Easter 2008 & Collection

Christ Is Risen!

So goes another Easter. After being sick for a bit of Holy Week last year, it was good to make it to all the evening services as well as the Good Friday morning service this year.

Having Friday off from work (ANZAC day public holiday) was a fantastic help in terms of just recovering from working for 8+ hours each day and then being at Church for 1.5-3+ hours each night. I think for future years i'm definitely going to take Good Friday off on leave if it isn't already a holiday.

In this past week i've also added some photos of my Star Wars collection to the gallery. See it here, but this one's a private album so you will need the usual friends username and password (if you've forgotten it or don't have it, shoot me an email).

We also played football this arvo against a very - and also somewhat humourously - organised Korean team. They were so professional that all of them were wearing the same jerseys, the same socks, and i'm pretty sure also the same boots. That, and plus they had what looked like a team photographer with them with a sizable digital SLR and had an arranged team photo before the game.

I felt a little disappointed that we didn't exchange mini-banners while shaking hands with children dressed in the same jerseys from both teams with the referee tossing a coin before thousands of people. I jest of course, but it was pretty strange seeing that before a casual neighbourhood indoor competition game.

They were a really good team though, and although in the second half we fought back to level the game 3-3, we ended up losing the game 6-3.

Also, i love this new Nike ad (not only because it's Arsenal featured):

I had a similar type of moment in the indoor game today: I was the last defender, and in attempting to block a shot on goal I slid in on the player only for him to totally own me and flick the ball around me as i slid in, and as i was on the ground I rolled over just to see the ball shooting into the goal, and then the ball came back out of the net and rolled right next to where i was lying.

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