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Good Geeky Weekend

Family Guys Star WarsAfter finishing the work we had to do on Friday's public holiday, I've actually had a really good long weekend. I've actually managed to watch four Star Wars movies on DVD this weekend, after being somewhat 'restricted' from watching it in the past two years since the wedding ;).

It was really great watching the original trilogy again, especially after seeing the recent Robot Chicken and Family Guy Star Wars specials (especially lols @ this Admiral Ackbar skit from Robot Chicken).

This latest Star Wars viewing is not really a coincidence: lately i've gotten into a bit of Star Wars collecting. I've mainly concentrated on the Kotobukiya vinyl statues, some of the Gentle Giant animated maquette statues, and the recent Master Replicas 0.45 scale helmets. It's been a bit of a drain on the budget, but the display i've got going is well worth it. Once all the stuff gets delivered, i might take some photos and put them in the gallery.

Needless to say, i'm also looking forward to the upcoming animated CG Clone Wars TV series (trailer here).

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