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Roar Win: Now That’s a Football Game

Queensland Roar Semi FinalTonight we went to the see the A-League football semi-final match between the Queensland Roar and Sydney FC.

We were supposed to meet our friend Eric outside the stadium before the match so he could give us our tickets, but as we were waiting I noticed what looked like a wall of cloud coming towards us from the south-west. Hearing the preceding weather reports warning of a severe storm i knew it wasn't cloud, and a few minutes later we were hit by one of the most sever downpours of water one could experience.

As we were (quite comedically) huddling with about another 100 people in a sheltered corner of the bus depot, we somehow noticed Eric running by us in the rain, and he miraculously heard our yells and ran over and tore off two tickets for us, and then ran off through the torrential rain.

After we secured the tickets we did the same, and despite me have a quite large golf umbrella, both Des and me still managed to get quite saturated. As we entered the stadium, Eric in all his fantastic wisdom, got great seats that had an awesome view (think the exact position that the main TV cameras sit at), but more importantly it was completely sheltered.

After the 15 minute downfall, it didn't rain again until the game finished, but the game was delayed by 30 mins to give the pitch time to soak up all the water as well as to give delayed spectators extra time to make the start of the match.

The match itself was great, it had pretty much everything: a great goal, a red card, a penalty, great atmosphere (over 35000 people, which is really decent for a football match in Australia), and of course Queensland won :D.

It's the first Roar game that i've managed to make all season, mainly because most of the home games have been on a Saturday night which we can't make because of Church being on at that time. Hopefully next season they'll change the home fixtures back to Sundays, or more preferably to Friday nights like tonight was.

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