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Birthday Blogging & Speed of Life

Dentist Happy ToothWell today is my 25th birthday, I'm now one-quarter of a century old.

What did I do to celebrate this momentous occasion? I went to the dentist and ended up getting a filling :(. And no, i'm not kidding. It was the only day this week the dentist had available, so i had to take it today.

There was a funny exchange with the receptionist at the clinic though:

Receptionist: Okay, we've changed computer systems, so could we please confirm your details?
Me: Yep sure.
Receptionist: Your address is [says my address]?
Me: Yes.
Receptionist: And your phone number is [ says my phone number]?
Me: Yep, that's right.
Receptionist: And your date of birth is.... *surprised/shocked look on her face* today?!
Me: *sigh* yes.

I still can't believe how fast the past 5 years of my life has gone. I was speaking to someone the other day about has fast it seems we're moving through life, and he mentioned some study which concluded that as life gets more mundane and more tedious, the faster things get.

Apparently it reasoned that as children we get excited about things more easily, and as we get excited waiting for something, life seems to slow down and that thing we're exited about seems like it takes ages to arrive. So as we all get older and we don't get as excited about as many things as before, everything just seems to fly by.

So the key to slow down life is to get and stay excited about things.

I'm not sure if I believe it, but it does sort of make sense in a crazy, messed-up way...

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