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Sick Christmas

Well it was definitely an interesting one: i spent nearly all of Christmas day home feeling sick.

The day had been planned: straight after Church go to Des's parent's place for morning tea, to my Aunty's place for lunch, then possibly the cemetery, and then onto Des's Aunty's place for dinner. It's the usual annual trench warfare of battling piles of food and missions to multiple relational destinations.

That was the plan. The actual day ended up being: woke up feeling very light-headed and dizzy as well as sick in the stomach; somehow managed to get to Church albeit 40mins late; struggled to stay conscious during the liturgy; ended up going home and sleeping and watching Die Hard movies for the rest of the day and night.

It was a quite unique Christmas overall. I can't say i really missed all the rush and commotion that Christmas usually is for us, but i did miss spending it with everyone.

After finishing CoD4 the other day, i've played through the main story part of Mario Galaxy during the past few days. Like CoD4, it's surprisingly good, but they really need to think of a more original plot instead of the usual Bowser-kidnaps-Peach-and-Mario-must-rescue-her deal.

Anywho, in wrapping up the blogging year i plan to write a 'best and worst of' 2007 entry, as well as my usual 'year in review' on New Year's Eve (which hopefully i'll be alive for! ;))

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