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I Need a Holiday

I really need a holiday, it's felt like so long since i've taken a decent one: probably our last really decent one was our honeymoon, and you can't really count that as too relaxing.

The main cause of this feeling of late has mainly been work (unsurprisingly). On Friday night i worked until almost midnight and we put in another 5 hours on Saturday. It wouldn't be that bad if we actually accomplished what we sought out to do, but it really was one frustration after another and we barely got anywhere with our big projects. So it means that probably the next two weekends will be working ones too. *sigh*

This afternoon/tonight some of the people in our unit block decided to arrange a Christmas party so everyone in the block could properly get to know each other. It was a fantastic idea and a great afternoon and night.

We've been at the unit for almost two years now, and other than one couple, we really didn't know any of our neighbours other than the quick 'hello' as we passed them in the stairwell or driveway. It's really great to now properly know who you're neighbours are; it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

Back to work tommorow *sigh again* 🙁

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