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Sam & Max Season 2 Premiers

Sam & Max Season 2Day 11 of NaBloPoMo 2007

I almost went to bed tonight before i remembered I had to post.

Anywho, today I woke up, got really impatient and re-emailed the people responsible for sending me The Orange Box. I asked for a refund, as i've had enough and was just going to get it elsewhere. Despite me asking for a refund, they conveniently ignored that and said they'd send another one out, despite the fact that they don't have it in stock nor even list it in their catalog any more. I'm now waiting for another reply *sigh* will i ever get this game?!

What's kept me busy tonight is playing the first episode of the new Sam & Max Season 2. I was pretty excited about this: last season i waited till all the episodes came out to play the whole season at once, but this season i'm definitely playing them as they are released.

The first episode was great: plenty of season 1 references and all the usual witty humour.

2 thoughts on “Sam & Max Season 2 Premiers”

  1. Still no OB? That sucks 🙁 Just think of all of this wasted time you could be playing COD4 to fill in time. 😛

    If it makes you any happier Crysis is out this Thursday the 15th Nov! 🙂

  2. Nope still no Orange Box 🙁

    I have now successfully cancelled my order from the asian place and i've now ordered it from an Australian eBay store, so hopefully i'll receive it in a few days.

    It's not as cheap as the Hong Kongians (lol), but it's still $30 cheaper than the regular Australian retail.


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