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One Down Two to Go

Day 19 of NaBloPoMo 2007

Tonight i finished Half Life: Episode 1, and consequently started Episode 2. Again, i don't know how people waited the time between the releases of these games. After i finish episode 2 i'm probably going to complain how much i won't be able to wait until Episode 3 (yet to be released) comes out.

Anywho, i'll try not to blog too much about Half Life any more.

Because i don't have anything to blog about today, i'll blog about yesterday. We went down the coast and met up with a cousin who is a schoolie this year and had lunch at some crappy restaurant. The lunch itself was really crap, but a nice cool Oreo McFlurry from Micky D's capped it off nicely.

Then it was to Andrew's for his Gold Coast house-cooling. It was generally enjoyable, except for him beating me at Wii Tennis. I think it was rigged :p. General fun was had, with Des particularly ruthless at Wii bowling; wiping the proverbial virtual bowling lanes with the rear-ends of her opponents whilst simultaneously using a Wii remote.

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