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Nothing Much Happening

Google Maps Election 2007 MapDay 12 of NaBloPoMo 2007

Not much happening today. Finally the new system admin started at work today, so hopefully things should start returning to some kind of normalcy soon.

With the current election coming up, it's funny driving past Kevin Rudd's (our local representative and the current the Australian opposition leader and alternative Prime Minister at this election) office, as it's now not uncommon to see men in dark suits and Australian Federal Police standing outside the doors. Apparently once the election is called the Opposition Leader gets the special protective treatment.

One interesting feature of this election is the global media labelling it as a 'YouTube election', as a result of us being one of the first major western countries going to the polls in the wake of the YouTube phenomenon.

What's also pretty cool is the special Google Maps 'map' for this election. It currently shows the sitting members, even marking the electorates and shading it according to political party. Pretty nifty i think...

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