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Half Life 2 is Awesome

Half Life 2Day 18 of NaBloPoMo 2007

This morning i finished Half Life 2, and I've got to say, that game was awesome. I'm still struggling to comprehend how the heck i hadn't managed to play the game until now. It's quite baffling considering it's been three years since it was released and how many 'Game of the Year' awards it won, and also generally how awesome the game is.

Graphics wise, i think the game still holds its own even after three years; there's still a lot of shooters released recently that still don't match it.

The only downside of the game was the ending. Without spoiling anything, it only left you wanting more as the storyline didn't have any closure at all (like the original Half Life).

I was planning on waiting a while before playing through Half Life 2: Episode 1 and beyond, but i ended up starting that this afternoon! I couldn't even wait a few weeks to play it, i don't know how everyone else waited the one and a half years between the actual premier releases of the games.

Anywho, bed calls, sleep and then work 🙁

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