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England Get Deserved Result

England crash out of Euro 2008 qualifyingDay 22 of NaBloPoMo 2007

Despite being handed a miracle opportunity by Israel on the weekend, the England football team blew their opportunity to qualify for the the Euro 2008 Football tournament.

All they had to do was not lose to Croatia (who had already qualified and thus really had nothing much to play for), and despite the relatively easy-sounding task, they still managed to totally blow it.

It's the result they deserve: England have been largely underwhelming for quite some time. People wonder why Arsene Wenger (the Arsenal manager) hasn't got many English players in the Arsenal team any more! The answer is simple: they're mostly crap, and totally overpriced; much better talent can be found elsewhere with not as much hype, and definitely for a much cheaper price-tag.

Nevertheless it's the result i was hoping for. It will be very interesting to witness what will happen at this major football tournament, as it will be devoid of an English team and more significantly largely also of the fanatical 'supporters' that give football enthusiasts a bad name.

Also it will be better for the English sport: hopefully now they will consider putting more resources into better youth development for the sport and better management.

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