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No, the title is not a misspelling of my name. I'm over dramatising things a bit, but luck hasn't really gone my way over the past few days.

Yesterday afternoon was our indoor game and we knew it was going to be a tight one as we were playing the second-placed team (behind us) and they beat us last time. With a ten minutes left i scored what I thought was the winner to put us ahead 3-2, but we conceded a sloppy goal near the end. Then almost right before the end of the game, i jumped up for a contested ball, and quite unexplainable, i somehow managed to cop a head-butt to my right wrist.

I didn't think anything of it at the time, but when i went to shake hands with the opposition at the end of the game, a shot of pain went up my forearm from my wrist. As the night went on i realised I had an injury; it was normal in most positions, but others would result in a shot of pain up the arm.

How ironic: i'd picked up an arm injury playing a game of football, and i wasn't even goal-keeping!

Anyway, i went to work today and by a few hours in I realised i needed to check it out with the doctor. I can use a keyboard and mouse fine, but other things set it off.

So this afternoon I went to the doctors, subsequently got x-rays done, and i thankfully i haven't done any serious damage so the injury is most likely ligament or tendon damage. So i've got to try and not aggravate it so it'll heal; i'll think i'll bandage it up tomorrow.

Anyway, tonight i decided to go to Michael's place to help him out getting his optical surround sound working on his new computer. As we got there a storm started rolling in. We though we had a few good minutes before the lightning got close. Just as we thought we had made a breakthrough getting the sound to work: *crash* *bang* and then the lights went out. The power was gone. Lightning striking twice?

So now i'm home typing this out, and i can't help but feel i've been a little unlucky these past few days.

Btw, i love this Snickers ad, "you ain't hurt, you pathetic!"

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