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Spyware Rants & Weekend Wins

Back at work at for another disgraceful Monday, and what the congested traffic didn't spoil, calls from family members who had once again stuffed up their computers, certainly did. Seriously, i don't get people and spyware/adware.

No matter how many times they screw up computers, and no matter how many times you explain it and demonstrate to them, they still manage to stuff the poor computers full of so much crap that it automatically shuts down before you can even type a URL into a browser.

But seriously, this is a problem. Not only for consumers, but for operating systems manufacturers. How much freedom do you give the user? They need enough to easily install the legitimate programs that they want to, but it still needs to be strict enough to smack them on the head when they try to install some crap that they foolishly believe will 'clean'/'disinfect'/'download' music to/'make go faster wooo!' their computer.

This isn't a problem that can be solved by stripping away rights and prompting them to 'elevate' their privileges when installing something potentially harmful. Whether it be a Mac or Windows prompt, they'll still just do it anyway...

Moving on, the past weekend saw the annual Riverfire fireworks/jets-flying-by-making-eveyone-go-oooooh-aaaah display. Fr A perfectly timed the end of the service on Saturday night for everyone to go out and see the first fly-by, which was followed by some very nice Nando's for dinner (partly because it was the only venue we could find before Church that we could a place to park the car).

Sunday night saw us play our game of indoor, in which we were positively on-fire, walloping the overwhelmed opposition 15-0. I scored my first goals with the new boots, but disappointingly grabbing only 2. I also watched the Arsenal game later that night, and it was so refreshing seeing Arsenal comfortably win a game. I think that was the first game i've watched in years that they have very comfortably won.

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