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Shared Items & Russian Singers

I've decided to put something new on this blog. I use Google Reader as my RSS feed aggregrator, and one nifty little feature is being able to 'share' specific entries from your subscribed RSS feeds. I've now got an automatic list of my latest shared items on the right. They haven't yet added the ability to customise the colour of the snippet so it does look a little out of place...

Anywho, on Tuesday night there was a concert at Church of a travelling Russian singing group raising funds to rebuild the Valaam Monastery in Russia. These guys were absolutely amazing, they had such control and such power with their voices. We bought a CD, and overall it was very impressive and enjoyable.

Other than that not much else has been happening, unless you count the craziness of work. Tomorrow is the IT Managers last day and a new one hasn't been appointed yet. So it looks like it's just me for at least a week or two, so it should be lots of fun! *sarcasm detector explodes in the background*

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