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Lunar Eclipse

Lunar EclipseOn the eastern side of Australia we've just had the best seats in the house for a total lunar eclipse. Although a bit of cloud threatened to ruin it early on, it cleared up and gave us a mostly unobstructed view.

Our unit's balcony faces dead east, so it gave us the perfect position to not only watch the eclipse, but also take a few pictures too. We took out our digital SLR camera, put on the biggest lens we had, and set it on a tripod. The results are a new album in the Gallery, as well as the one pictured. I think the camera did really well, except for the long exposure shots of the aircraft flying by for the first few dodgy shots ;).

The moon turned a fantastic red colour as expected, and i'm very glad we whipped out the camera. I'm not anywhere near a photographic expert, but with a bit of trial and error i managed to get some good shots by mainly just playing around with the exposure time after I got a good ISO speed and f-number setting.

Update 2007-08-30: Michael has put together a fantastic merged picture of some of the shots, see it in the Gallery.

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