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I Suck At SingStar

I can't believe i forgot to blog this yesterday, but it deserves its own entry anyway.

SingStarYesterday afternoon there was a sizable gathering at my parents' place with a lot of the extended family there. My brother and his wife also brought their Playstation along with all their 'SingStar' games.

It was fun seeing (and hearing) people give it a go, and I also had a few turns. It's common knowledge that my singing voice has been known to shatter the proverbial windows and mirrors over the years because of it's awfulness, but after an adequate and very entertaining rendition of I believe in a thing called love by The Darkness (quite a difficult high-pitched song) in a battle against my brother, I tried it a little more.

But as expected, i sucked at pretty much everything. In one team competition the game cut short my turn after about 15 seconds and labelled me 'Tone Deaf' because I wasn't making anywhere near the level required to carry on.

Oh, and all this happened in front of a fair bit of my extended family. How embarrassing.

On the other hand, Des absolutely rocked at SingStar, nailing most of the notes and most of the songs.

I think it'll be a while before I build up enough courage to pick up a Singstar microphone again...

1 thought on “I Suck At SingStar”

  1. haha i suck at sing star too dont feel to bad just think of it as a real man doesn't need to sing he needs to shout cause "war cries" arn't songs. "tonight we dine in hell!!!!" not a song " ARG ARG ARG " not a song no singing needed to be a real man just loud speech and grunts 😀


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