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Holiday Starts in Soreness

Today saw the start of our week of holidays. I say 'today' because last night it was my turn to do the monthly server maintenance for work.

Yesterday also saw me play two games of indoor following our bye week last week. We played two games because we were asked to help fill in a few players for a friend's team earlier in the day, but as it turned out, none of their players were fit to play, so me, Wil, Eric, as well as two other fillers played the game for them.

It was quite interesting because the team we were playing was supposed to be a few divisions up from us, and we actually ended up winning the game comfortably (mostly thanks to the awesome ability of the ringers).

Our actual game later in the day was a tight affair with us going down 2-1, mostly with some really poor refereeing to blame.

So two games in one day after a bye week has left me feeling every muscle i used yesterday. I'm finding myself taking really short little steps to avoid stretching my leg muscles too much... I'm sure i probably resemble those little Shetland ponies that look like they can't move their legs too much without falling over.

Anywho, we have a lot planned for this week. Today we've already gone to the doctors and dentists for check-ups (yay, no fillings for me! not like last time *shudders*), and Ikea for a bookshelf.

Tomorrow sees the car getting serviced, doing the 'maxi-clean' (as Des puts it, the rarely done completely thorough cleaning of the unit), as well as having the the extended-immediate family of my side over for dinner for the first time.

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