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Wow, Facebook Doesn’t Suck

In the past few days, i signed up to a Facebook account. I've heard good things from some of the IT people that I know and blogs that I follow, and probably the best compliment that I keep hearing is that it doesn't suck anywhere near as much as MySpace.

Ok, check; although to not suck as much as MySpace isn't actually too hard to do, but it passes the first and main test for me to actually sign-up and test the waters a bit.

At first i've thought "oh great, another social-networking site", butI've got to say that I am very impressed in my first delve into FaceBook. I've avoided MySpace like the proverbial plague (the kind that makes your eyes bleed), so a well structured, good looking, and functional social-networking site is really refreshing.

It takes a bit of getting used to (i haven't really used many social-networking sites too much), but I think that they've definitely got a good product.

You can even import your blog into Facebook so that it shows up in your 'Notes' section, which i've now done.

I might actually end up using it for more than a week...

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