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Accidents & I Hate Adobe

I've been very busy the past few days. Last week we ordered a few First Aid kits from St. John Ambulance, one for home and one for the car, which were delivered to work on Friday.

Very coincidentally, driving on the way home from work that day we witnessed a pretty bad head-on collision between two cars on a notorious corner on a main road going into the city. There were plenty of other people on the scene, including an off-duty paramedic, so our brand new kits weren't needed. I'm pretty sure everyone was ok, but it looked pretty bad. Those airbags are worth every cent in those situations though.

Yesterday I downloaded a trial of the new Adobe Photoshop CS3, and also the first new release of Dreamweaver since Adobe took over Macromedia (the now previous developers of Dreamweaver and Flash).

Now i've got to say that I really don't like Adobe. How a Photoshop trial installer has grown to over 500MB, or how the Dreamweaver trial installer has grown from barely 65MB pre-Adobe to over 300MB post-Adobe, is absolutely beyond me. Their software is, in my opinion, now 100% bloatware.

500MB+ for Photoshop?! The GIMP (a free alternative to Photoshop) weighs in at barely 11MB, yet it can do probably 80% of the stuff Photoshop does. I think most of the bloat comes from the other tools and applications Adobe bundle with the software, but they should least give us the option to not download/install the stuff we don't need nor want. And what's the deal with Adobe not creating program groups/folders in the Windows Start Menu?

Anywho, enough ranting. Today our indoor game was another of complete pwnage, we hammered the team from our last semi-final 13-1. It was a bit frustrating for me though, because i seemingly couldn't score when everyone else at least got a few, but I did manage to put one in.

I really think that we're going to be put up a few divisions for the next season. Although my team-mates want more of a challenge, I have no problem at all easily thrashing teams week-in week-out :D.

To cap this entry off: the other night before going to sleep I remembered a picture from an email forward that left me in stitches for about 5 minutes. I have no idea why I remembered it then, but it is pretty funny, and it's posted below:

It's the Claw!

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