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Stuff Me & Pirates 3

I am quite literally exhausted. This past week at work was unbelievable, I don't think i've ever been so stressed or busy in my life. The replacement IT Manager is not starting until the start of this coming week (on Tuesday, because Monday is a public holiday here), so I had to spend the whole week manning the fort by myself.

Before the start of the week i was expecting the worst, however Monday turned out to be quite bearable, which actually raised my hopes for how the week was going to turn out.

Boy was I wrong, with each day new and very unexpected troubles reared their heads which grew in seriousness and impact as the week went along. This culminated on Thursday afternoon with the Exchange server (the server that handles email and Outlook) going offline because it ran out of disk space.

It was quite unexpected: i had been keeping an eye on drive space, but somehow the Brisbane office managed to use up the amount of storage in that one day that they normally do in an entire calendar month.

By Friday, my emergency measures overnight had gotten the server running enough to get it through to the end of the week. I still have to perform the monthly maintenance on all the servers on Sunday night though...

Anywho, last night Despina and I went and saw Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. I've got to say that i was massively disappointed with this movie *Mild spoilers ahead*. I loved the first Pirates movie, and I think why i liked it so much was because it was pretty light-hearted and enjoyable: nobody important really died in the movie except the bad guy at the end.

I didn't enjoy the latest offering much at all, mainly because it was very dark, depressing, and not to mention they killed off a few major characters for really no good reason at all. Added to that, it felt as though the plot was being made up as they went along. The plot itself was so damn complicated and convoluted that even the most attentive person would be left struggling to keep up with all the stuff going on.

And that's all not mentioning the length of the movie as well: I can't really say that I would feel like watching it again: so much of it was devoted to trying to serve the convoluted plot in terms of character development and unnecessary new revelations that it took all the enjoyability out of the movie for me. They concentrated on revealing so many new things that they didn't even properly explain already revealed important stuff, like how the heck Geoffrey Rush's character was brought back from the dead at the end of the second movie.

Anywho, i'm rambling, what did everyone else think?

7 thoughts on “Stuff Me & Pirates 3”

  1. i saw it today and i didn't find it convoluted, i could keep up quite well, and his return was explained in the third one about 3/4 of the way through.
    It was a bit long though, i did get numb bum

  2. a passing comment is all that was needed, a long drawn-out explanation would've bored everyone and made the movie unnessecaraly (? spelling) longer.

    he was needed for the pirate council because e was a pirate lord.

  3. In the end i understood why he was brought back from the dead, but i wanted to know how!

    I would've thought it was a pretty major plot point, because if it was done so easily than anybody could have died and then been brought back.

    For me, it just stinks of "we've got to get the big actor's character back from the dead, so we won't explain it at all and hope people don't notice too much"

  4. The ends justify the means?! pfff

    In some plot points i can agree that the 'how' is not important, but when it comes to something like bringing someone back from the dead, i think the audience would like a little explanation.


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