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Stop Calling it ‘Ice’!!

It's that time of year again kids! Time for another rant!

In Australia we are experiencing a significant increase in the spread and use of the drug crystal methamphetamine; an illegal drug commonly referred to as 'crystal meth' or more commonly here on the streets as 'ice', due to it's crystallised appearance.

Frankly i don't care much for the drug, or for the people that deal or use it, but what continually aggravates me about this is the media, and more recently the government as well, constantly referring to the drug by it's street name of 'ice'.

Even the American media and police, in all their wisdom (sarcasm), have the decency to at least call it the abbreviated 'crystal meth', so why do does everybody here refer to it by its street name? Can you imagine the 6pm news or the Government referring to marijuana by one of its street names of 'pot', 'weed', 'dope', or even 'grass'? Unheard of! So why the special treatment for crystal methamphetamine??

Please people, and especially media and government, at least refer to the hideous drug as the abbreviated 'crystal meth', and stop sinking down to the levels of the people that actually abuse the stuff.

Now to add some humour to this topic, please watch this and riiiiiide the snake! (Hilarious Jim Carey Saturday Night Live sketch)

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