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Sick Sucks & New Keyboard

I'm sick. Being sick sucks.

I woke up yesterday feeling fine and went to work. However by about 10am, my nose starting clogging up and running. A sore throat and a light head developed and i ended up going home early. It also meant that I missed the Holy Tuesday service last night, and will probably miss Wednesday tonight as well.

So it looks like i have the flu; this is actually the first sick-day that i've taken in quite a while, the only other one I can remember was just after getting back from our honeymoon.

New KeyboardAnywho, so i'm home today looking for stuff to do (other than writing this blog). Last week I had ordered a new keyboard for our desktop computer. I was planning on getting a new one when get a new computer later this year, but i thought I might as well get a new keyboard now and wear it in.

I'm normally pretty fussy when it comes to keyboards; there is a set of criteria when i look for one. Firstly, the backspace key has to be a long one, not those small ones you see one some keyboards, and likewise the enter key the same. There are a few others but i won't bore you ;).

The other thing that I was looking for with this keyboard was it to have low-profile/'slimline' laptop-style keys. I generally prefer them over normal 'raised' keys on a keyboard.

The only keyboard that I found which satisfied me in my fussiness was the Targus Internet Multimedia keyboard. It was also the only keyboard that I found which had a full standard key layout but had the laptop-style keys. I wasn't going for a multimedia keyboard, so i guess it's a bonus.

As not many places had it in stores, I was forced to buy the thing online, and it eventually arrived this week (i swear that I have the worst luck when it comes to things being delivered to me).

I installed the thing this morning, and surprisingly all the keys (including the multimedia ones and volume controls etc) worked without having to install any new drivers. The only thing that bugs me a little is that the keys seem a little stiff, but hopefully that will get better over time once we actually start using it.

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