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Palm Sunday (Saturday) & Hot Fuzz

Me in the Jumping CastleStill getting over a busy weekend at the moment, but there won't be any let-up soon as tomorrow marks the beginning of the Orthodox (as well as Western this year) Holy Week.

On Saturday night the annual Palm Sunday Fete was held after the the English liturgy, resuming after last year's hiatus. The Liturgy was absolutely packed, in my opinion on par with the amount of pack-age as the Easter resurrection service. As usual with the previous years of the fete, I along with the other usual suspects, were in charge of the jumping castle. As it was remarked many times by all that helped police the little kiddies, i doubt you could find a better incentive for contraception.

Most kids were excitable but mostly well-behaved, but of course there are the others which were downright insolent and naughty. Of course one of the privileges of administering the jumping castle was that we got to have our own turn at the end of the night 😀 (me pictured).

Generally the night was very enjoyable, the weather stayed good and we raised a fair bit of money for the Church. Pictures are in a private album in the Gallery for everyone who has the details to access them. We also got a very incriminating picture of Andrew which is not in the gallery, but I will save that one away for future blackmailing use ;). If you want the login details for the gallery shoot me an email.

This morning Despina and I went to the movies to see Hot Fuzz. Although the first 45mins was a little slow, i absolutely loved the movie, especially the last 30mins which explained the first 45 anyway. I thought it was a bit unnecessarily violent in parts (it is rated MA), but i guess that was what they were going for.

Tonight we went to an enjoyable thing hosted by GOYA/CYB in which people could anonymously ask the priests any question they liked, followed by a free dinner. Good idea, but pity more people didn't show.

Straight after that I went a played my indoor game for the weekend. We absolutely demolished the opposition 12-1. By some cruel curse I only managed to score 1 goal; I literally had like 18+ shots on goal, about 12 of which were pretty decent efforts, but their keeper kept on saving them! Man was it frustrating, so i'm still looking to find some form shooting.

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